Nettle & Stone is a boutique floral design and botanical apothecary created by Juliet Totten.  Juliet began her career as a floral designer as co.founder and co.owner of the Brooklyn based floral design firm, Poppies & Posies.  In 2014 Juliet decided to leave the firm to embark on a study of the uses of plants for everything from perfumery to medicine.  She has studied with the Royal Society of Apothercaries, The Grasse Institute of Perfumery, Maryland University of Integrative Health, and Pacific Rim College of Integrative Medicine. Through her work with plants Juliet has learned the kind of healing they can bring to people not only with their beauty but also through scent and with their inherent medicinal properties.  She is passionate about her work and hopes you will find something here that speaks to you.